Young People Want to Learn


We promote self-directed learning by helping young people make a plan that illuminates who they are and who they want to become. We celebrate Aha! Moments, support hours of self-driven exploration, and provide opportunities for meaningful connections.


Who We Are

BigFish provides young people with resources that allow their curiosity, playfulness, and natural learning styles to flourish and grow.

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Our Program

Sign up for all of our offerings, or none at all. Take your education into your own hands with the support and opportunities we provide.

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Our Philosophy

There are many different paths to a meaningful life. We exist to make many paths possible, rather than to make sure you follow ours.

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“I feel like we all used to hate Mondays before we found BigFish.” - Matthew, one of our members.

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Your past doesn’t have to define your future. We’ve got former public school kids who were at the top of their class, lifelong homeschoolers, and young people who are just looking to reset. Want to see if our loving, child-centered community is right for you or your child?

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