BigFish Classes -We are GATHERING! Email us fro more details:

Classes and workshops are offered on a variety of topics. The schedule is a reflection of the interests and expertise of our core staff and community teachers & volunteers. 

All classes and workshops are optional and open to every member. Classes will vary in length of time, days a week, and expectations

The design of each class will vary depending on the vision of the instructor, along with input from the students. We encourage all members to learn about and try as many classes as they can. Once a student decides to be a regular participant of a class, we expect commitment.

There are no grades or punishments, but we expect members to communicate with the teacher regarding attendance and other issues and to fulfill any requirements such as readings, research, or other assignments.

Some classes will ask for and expect a work/practice to happen outside of class time, while others will be less directed. This will be made clear in the class description. 

Teens can also request to lead a class of their own creation. The teen will present an outline and expectations of the class with a staff member and pitch the class to members at BigFish Lunch Hour (Mon. thru Thurs. 12 - 1 pm). 

Weekly classes will run Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays (9 am - 4 pm).

CLASSES as of  December 2017, we have staff and community members willing to teach the classes listed below:

(Classes with with an asterisk * will be be offered regularly (always!) and will run 2 days a week.)

* Math Workshop - (Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Deductive Reasoning, Math Logic) - Darren Tapp

* Reading & Writing Workshop - ( essay writing, fiction, poetry research, grammar, reading skills, book groups and more) Diane Murphy

Participate in Democracy by Understanding Current Events - Pat Murphy w/ Staff

Well-Being - Resilience, Self-Esteem, & Coping - Damla Aktekin

Intro to Programming - Darren Tapp

The Do Something Class  - Staff

Statistics - How Humans use Stats to Persuade & Defend Beliefs - Staff

Anatomy of a Laptop - Darren Tapp

Teen Finance - 

Nutrition - Understanding the food that fuels you - Jodie Stone

Herbalism - 


Manga - Ghost in the Shell - The Evolution of Human Consciousness - P. Murphy IV

Songwriting - Mara Flynn

Literature of Rebels - Mary Jane Rowan

Improvisational Theater- Mara Flynn

Art Fundamentals - Heidi Paquette

Rock Climbing 101 (fall & spring) - Pat Murphy

Mountaineering (winter) - Pat Murphy

Psychology - Sheila Esten 

How History Repeats Itself - Lessons from the 20th Century  - P. Murphy IV

Outside! The Ecology of Dover and surrounding communities  - 

The Media Diet - What information are you eating? - Diane & Staff

Robotics - Alec Muller

Guitar - MIke Lang

Storytelling - Mike Lang

Cooking with Local Ingredients - Dave Boynton

Yoga - w/ local yoga teachers in training

Walking the Appalachian Trail 

OMG! What do people around the world believe?  - Julie Serrano

Anatomy & Physiology

Sewing  - Heidi Paquette