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The world is plenty messed up, and too often that's all our kids see. What they don't see enough, is how awesome the world is. You can change that. Last year we gave away over $50,000 in scholarships. That’s $50,000 worth of kids who never would have had the opportunity to grow (and sometimes heal) in our self directed learning community. Those kids know that their life is being changed by the generosity of strangers - a lesson that will last them a lifetime.


experiences they won’t get elsewhere

We can try as hard as we can to provide incredible opportunities for kids (and we do!), but there is no substitute for turning a child loose on his own education. Too many kids quite simply don’t get that opportunity, but your gift can help make it possible.


a kid’s past doesn’t have to define her future

We’ve all known those kids who get a “reputation” at school. But should a child’s whole life be defined by decisions made at such a young age? Our most incredible stories come from the kids who were seriously struggling elsewhere, only to flourish when they get here.


"Since leaving school, I’m just happier."

- Lydia, bigfish member