BigFish Learning Community is primarily funded by membership fees with no assistance from the state or federal government. We ask that families make a good faith effort to cover the full membership fees and to make financially supporting the cooperative a top family priority.

BigFish Learning Community is funded by fees and donations. We work with families of all financial backgrounds and offer financial assistance in the form of fee reductions (if requested and when possible) to make BigFish accessible and affordable.

Tuition for 2019-20: We have open enrollment. Tuition is prorated based on date of enrollment. Yearly tuition includes 3 sessions (Fall, Winer, & Spring) Fall session begins September 9, 2019.
Full time - $9,000 (3 -4 days weekly) -  $3,000 (per 11-week session)
Part time  - $6,000 (1 -2 days weekly)  - $2,000 (per 11- week session)

Billing: Upon enrollment, members are required to provide a $600 nonrefundable deposit. The balance of tuition can be paid in total or in scheduled monthly installments completed by June 15, 2019.

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