Advisory. Our goal is to support you as an individual so you are THRIVING.

Given the right conditions, humans are amazing!  We help teens take charge of their own learning - 

You will be given an ADVISOR.
One of us (a core staff member) will be your mentor. We will meet with you at least once a week, offering some guidance, a lot of listening, and a helpful perspective. We will work with your parents on how they can support you as a self-directed learner.

We will help you PLAN.
It’s always good to set goals and have a plan. In weekly meetings with your mentor, small group meetings and on your own, you can set long and short-term goals. Since the only guarantee in life is change, the planning part is often interesting. 

Together we will  REFLECT & REVISE
You will be encouraged to keep notes and narratives of your work. It's helpful to step back once you’ve worked for a while to see your process & your progress. Ask yourself how you you are doing? You know best.

You will be encouraged to DOCUMENT & SHARE
You will have access to an electronic portfolio system designed specifically for SDL learners. You can experiment with multimedia options as you build your portfolio to best represent who you are. Consider sharing your insights, knowledge, and skills.

Your portfolio (evidence of your insights, knowledge, & skills) will be your ticket to higher ed, 
employment, and or all sorts of entrepreneurial adventures. 

Community Members will provide additional mentorships, such as sharing a hobby or skill  like rock climbing, improvisational theater, reiki, current events, geography, chess, and more.

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