Recommended Reading & Viewing (Just the beginning…)

View This! - Stop Wasting Your Time in High School by Blake Boles

Articles of Interest:

What Happens to Self-Directed Learners by Ken Danford

3 Holistic College Admissions Trends to Watch - US News & World Report, Caroline Duda

CAROL BLACK:  Alternatives to Schools

Bored Out of Their Minds by Zachary Jason, January 2017

Differences Between Self-Directed and Progressive Education

Authors & Activists:

Akilah Richards - Radical Self-Expression and more! 

Pauline Hawkins (Local author & teacher- Portsmouth, NH) - Uncommon Core

Peter Gray - Alliance for Self-Directed Education

John Taylor Gatto -- The Natural Child Project and THIS - Classrooms of the Heart

John Holt - How Children Learn

Alfie Kohn- Schooling Beyond Measure

Grace Llewellyn - The Teenage Liberation Handbook: How to Quit School and Get a Real Life and Education

Matt Hern - Deschooling Our Lives

Blake Boles - College Without High School

Rick Hanson - Buddha’s Brain

Marshall Rosenberg  - The Center for Nonviolent Communication

Howard Gardner - Intelligence Theory

Nancy Atwell - Process Learning

Videos Links:

I Just Sued the School by Prince Ea

Beyond Measure

Class Dismissed

Ken Danford - North Star

Jerry Mintz

Sir Ken Robinson - TEd Talks, Do Schools Kill Creativity?

Most Likely to Succeed

Gender Revolution w/ Katie Couric

I AM -Tom Shadyack

Peaceful Warrior - Dan Millman

How Society Kills Our Creativity (an award-winning short film animation)

I am Not Black. You are Not White

PBS Series, How We Got to Now-Steven Johnson

The Vietnam War - Ken Burns & Lynn Novick