“It’s not that I don’t like math, it’s just that I’m not fast. At school I had to stay in for recess almost every day to finish the math lessons. I never got to see my friends and I felt stupid. Now I work at my own pace..”

Lydia, 12

“Our daughter wants to do EVERY SUBJECT now that she can choose what she wants to learn. It’s done my heart so much good to see her act like herself again.”

Mom of 14 year old BF Member


“I love the deep conversations and friendly debates we get into at BigFish.”

- Merrill, 13

“My mentor listens to me and helps me do the things I’m interested in.”

- Jack, 15


”My teenager was struggling in school, coming home full of anxiety, feeling depleted, overwhelmed, and frustrated. He was clocking in and clocking out like a robot. I knew he needed an environment where he could be given the time and support to be creative and make choices. It was scary for both of us to leave what we’ve always known, but being at BigFish has brought my smart, interesting, and funny kid back to life.”

- Mom of a 17 year old BF Member