What is Bigfish?


BigFish offers teens and families in the Seacoast area a different approach to living and learning—without conventional school. We offer mentorship, tutorials, relevant classes, and a place for teens to work and socialize. Additionally, we help teens with college admissions and the process of finding internships and volunteer work in the community.

We belong to Liberated Learners & The Alliance for Self-Directed Education.


7 Guiding Principles at BigFish

(following the North Star Model)

Young people want to learn.

Learning happens everywhere.

It really is okay to leave school.

How people behave under one set of circumstances and assumptions does not predict how they will behave under a very different set of circumstances and assumptions.

Structure communicates as powerfully as words, and often more powerfully.

As adults working with young people, we should mostly strive to “Make Possible” rather than “Make Sure.”

The best preparation for a meaningful and productive future is a meaningful and productive present.


Yes, we’re a little unusual. Come learn more about why we’re doing all this.

The Big Picture


Get to know our experienced, thoughtful, and truly loving staff.

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BigFish is part of a growing network of Liberated Learning Centers.

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